Overcoming Addictions to Improve Lives

Living your life in addiction is very difficult.

But...You Are Not Alone

Thorpe Recovery Centre offers the environment and client centred programming necessary for you to begin your road to sobriety and recovery.


The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial costs of addiction are enormous and widespread, affecting individuals, families and communities across Canada.  Even those who have not experienced substance use, gambling or sex addiction are likely to know family, friends or colleagues who have.

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Our 40th Anniversary edition of Recovery is now on line.  It follows our history of addiction treatment over the last 40 years.  If you would prefer a hardcopy they are available at the Thorpe Recovery Centre.  Please enjoy.

Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who joined us for a pancake breakfast this morning at the Legacy Centre in Lloydminster.  We appreciate your support so much.  Together we can make positive changes in so many peoples lives.



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