Addiction treatment centre dealing with alcohol drugs as well as process addictions.
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Addiction does not discriminate.  It is not a

personality flaw or a result of a

certain type of attitude or upbringing.  Addiction is a disease.  Being

wealthy, educated or smart won't

save you...








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The Walter A. "Slim" Thorpe Society is a non-profit, registered charitable organization in both the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Thorpe Recovery Centre

P.O. Box 291

Blackfoot, AB  T0B 0L0



Information:  780..875.8890

Toll Free: 1.877.875.8890

Fax:  780.875.2161

Thorpe Recovery Centre is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre located in Lloydminster AB/SK.   Addiction does not discriminate.  Improve your life today.  (2014)

The Thorpe Recovery Centre (TRC) respects the privacy of visitors to our website.  The TRC website does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, or email address.  Any personal information obtained is gathered from your voluntary submission through on-line forms, email or via event registration.  Any personal information you provide as a website visitor for the purposes of subscribing to our email distribution list or registering for an event will not be shared, sold or otherwise disclosed with any third party for the purpose of commercial activities.