It's time to change your story of addiction.

And, Thorpe is a great place to start.


Thorpe Recovery Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing client-centred and community based addiction services.  We are unique in Western Canada because of the wide range of services that we provide.

There is no cure for addiction, but there are effective treatments that can help people retake control of their lives and live normal, satisfying and productive lives.


Recovery from addiction is a life-long process.  Treatment for addiction does not end upon completion of an inpatient program.  Continued treatment and assistance after inpatient, known as Continuing Care, is often needed to aid the recovering individual and their concerned persons (family and loved ones) as they assimilate back into "normal" life.  Thorpe is dedicated  to providing assistance to clients and families in the transition from treatment to attaining long-term.


Recently one of our counsellors who doesn't normally sit in on our Continuing Care group had the opportunity to take part.  Here are her insights.


"Hi all,  I just wanted to share about my experience with the Continuing Care group which I attended last night for an hour.  It was a great experience.  I think I checked in at 9:00 pm or so and was overjoyed.  I told them I felt like a momma getting to see her babies (so...I'm codependent a little).  It was great to see/hear everyone coming together for support from the group.  Vera runs a great group and the clients did well in offering support/feedback.  There wasn't a quiet moment.  I was only able to stay for an hour and so I did not get to hear much from some, but heard from everyone on some level.  I want to add how valuable that group is for those clients who all showed up on time whether sick or stressed out it seemed they knew the value in their peers by not missing and getting what they needed from them.  I can't wait to sit in again." ___ Debbie Inder, Counsellor

Volunteer Today

We are always looking for like minded people who would like to put in some Volunteer hours here at TRC.  We need your help with field trips, individual and team sports, yoga, crafts, yard maintenance and landscaping.  The list is long and the need is create.  Fill out a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION


Thorpe Recovery Centre (TRC) utilizes a three phase transitional approach to its treatment program.  Within each phase of treatment our intent is to care for the client on four basic levels:  Biological, Psychological, Social and Spiritual.  Programming includes:  Medically supported Detoxification, Transitional Assessment and a 42(+) day Residential Treatment.

5 Day Intensives

Thorpe Recovery Centre has introduced a series of 5 day intensive programs.  They include a Family Intensive, Sex Addiction Intensive and Grief Intensive.  Led by Certified Addictions Counselors, the 5 day intensives provide information and techniques that will promote recovery for both the family and the addict.

Client Stories

There is nothing like reading the stories of past TRC clients to get a sense of how their experience was at Thorpe and in some cases how they are doing now.  Take the time to read some of our client stories.  Many are passionate about recovery and their story of addiction and hopelessness have changed to extraordinary lives.

About Us

Thorpe Recovery Centre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing client-centred and community based addiction services.  We provide Residential Treatment, Medically Supported Detox and several 5 day intensive seminars on Sex Addiction, Family and Grief.

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